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Overview of Site Features

Read below for some of the features for registered users.

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No Monthly Fees or Extra Charges

We don't charge fees! Many drop ship suppliers will charge you a monthly fee, percentage of revenue or transaction fee.

The only price you pay is the merchandise price (listed in your product feed) and the actual cost of shipping.

Have your own shipping account with UPS or FedEx? Great! We can ship your customers orders through your shipping account.

Read our FAQs

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Customized Product Feed

A product feed contains all of the necessary information to load our products onto your website or online sales channel.

The process of setting up your customized feed can be completed in matter of minutes.

  1. Choose which categories of merchandise to include on your feed.
  2. Select from a variety of images sizes and aspect ratios.
  3. Include extra product details such as the product colors, materials and brand.
  4. Download your feed.

Once you've created your feed you will be supplied with a unique download URL.

How to create a product feed.

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Online Ordering

We provide you with two ways to submit orders online:

  1. Sign into your account, select the "Create a new order" button and place the order through our shopping cart.
  2. Want something a little more automated? Use our REST API that will allow your backend to submit orders automatically.

Once an order is submitted, it is usually blind shipped within 24 hours.

How to place an order.

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Order Tracking

We realize that communicating tracking information to your customers can be challenging. Once an order has shipped you will receive a tracking email.

During the ordering process you can also choose to send a tracking email to your customer.

We also provide a shipment API for our more technically saavy customers.

Common questions about tracking.

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Billing Management

We know that time is money.

To speed up the ordering process we have a billing center that allows you to:

  1. Manage multiple credit cards.
  2. Add and update your billing address.
  3. Enter your Federal Tax ID to avoid paying sales tax.

How to add a payment method.

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Third Party Shipping

Our two primary shipping carriers are FedEx and UPS.

Many of customers prefer to use their own shipping accounts so they can more easily account for charges, tracking and returns.

Through our shipping management center you can securely provide us with your shipping account information.

Upon checkout you'll have the option to ship under your own account.

Learn how to place an order.

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Blind Shipments

A necessary requirement for all serious drop shippers, all of your orders will be sent blind.

Blind shipping means that when the order leaves our warehouse there is no indication that it was sent by Kole Imports but instead by your company.

It's our priority that your customer receives their merchandise without learning about Kole Imports.

More about 3rd party shipping.

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Activity Dashboard

Once you've created an account, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

The dashboard contains an activity monitor that will display all the activity on your account including:

  • Every time you have logged in.
  • The orders you have recently submitted.
  • The feeds you have recently created or updated.
  • Billing and Shipping center changes.

More about the activity dashboard.

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For customers who require a more robust method to communicate with Kole Imports we provide a REST API for the following resources:

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Transactions
  • Shipments

API Documentation.