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Pocket LED Light with Suction Grip Counter Top Display

Product Details

Versatile lights that can be mounted almost anywhere, these Pocket LED Lights with Suction Grips fully rotate and have adjustable tips for zooming. Great for camping, working on cars and much more. Each piece measures approximately 3.25" x 1.625" x 0.75" and comes loose with a UPC sticker. Available in assorted colors. Batteries included. Counter top display comes with 12 pieces.

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  • Case Size:

    19.3" (L) x 8.7" (W) x 8.1" (H)

  • Brand:

    Bulk Buys

  • Colors:

    Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

  • Materials:

    Metal, Plastic

  • Other:

    Assorted Colors

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Quantity 12 pcs.
As low as $1.17 per piece
Estimated case pack profit: $5.62 *

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