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Mia Beauty Light Brown 1/4" Braided Headband

Product Details

The Mia Beauty Light Brown thin braidie headband is made out of synthetic wig hair to look like your own hair. The soft, elastic synthetic hair headband adds a touch of elegance to any hair style. Bradies are made from quality wig hair that acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting your own hair color. Headbands are a classic and timeless accessory that never goes out of style. One size fits all. Works on all hair types. For women and girls of all ages. 1 piece per package. Comes packaged inside a hanging window box. Measures 2.75" x .50" x 4.75".

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    18.5" (L) x 12.4" (W) x 25.7" (H)

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    Bulk Buys

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