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Bicycle Wheel Decorative Tube Lights in Blue

Product Details

Enhance your biking experience with the Bicycle Wheel Decorative Tube Blue Lights. This unique and eye-catching accessory will transform your ordinary bicycle into a dazzling display of light and color. These tube lights are designed to easily attach to the spokes of your bicycle wheels, creating a mesmerizing light show as you ride. Whether you're cycling during the day or night, these lights are sure to turn heads and capture attention. They are perfect for casual riders who want to add a playful element to their biking adventures and night-time cyclists who prioritize safety and visibility. The flexible tubing is designed to fit most standard bicycle wheel sizes, making installation quick and effortless. Simply attach the lights to the spokes using the included zip ties, and you're ready to go. Features multiple lighting modes. These tube lights offer versatility and customization. Choose from lighting patterns, including steady glow and flashing. The lights are powered by easily replaceable batteries, providing long-lasting illumination for countless hours of riding enjoyment. These decorative tube lights also serve as a safety feature, increasing your visibility on the road. The bright blue light emitted by the lights ensures that you are easily spotted by motorists and pedestrians, helping reduce the risk of accidents and enhancing your overall biking safety. Set includes 2 zip ties, 1 hook & loop battery compartment strap, and 1 12.5" tube light. There are 20 blue LED lights per string light. Comes packaged inside a hanging color box.

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    13.6" (L) x 6.8" (W) x 9" (H)

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    Bulk Buys

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