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2 Pack Antibacterial Fridge Mat Liners 11.4" x 17.7"

Product Details

These versatile liners are designed to keep your fridge organized, protected, and free from stains and odors. Each pack includes two fridge mat liners, measuring 11.4" x 17.7" - the perfect size to fit most standard refrigerator shelves and drawers. With these liners in place, you can say goodbye to spills, leaks, and sticky messes, as they effectively catch and contain any accidental spills or drips from your food and beverages. The material used in crafting these liners is durable and easy to clean. When you need to tidy up, simply remove the liners and wipe them down with a damp cloth or wash them with mild soap and water. They are reusable, so you can enjoy their benefits for a long time to come, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. The versatility of these fridge mat liners extends beyond refrigerators. You can use them in your kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves, or even in drawers throughout your home to keep things organized and mess-free.

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    12.5" (L) x 8.6" (W) x 12.5" (H)

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